Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"We need a boat!" Why? "To go to the other side."

This week went by like lightning and I'm not sure exactly what happened in it. mostly lessons and volleyball I guess. we play volleyball, basketball, and futbal (soccer) as a way to be better friends with our investigators and find new ones. We spent some time with our DMB who is awesome and also with our branch president who is awesome as well. President George is one of the nicest, hardworking, caring people out there and he makes a very good branch president. The picture below was taken at his house after we ate there on Wednesday

     As for investigators we have so many that want to get baptized but have just some little thing that holds them back. Cigarettes, marriage, waiting for a family member to be there for their baptism, etc. We've just been looking for the ways to break those barriers down. 
      We have another investigator named Michel that have been really making a lot of progress in the last couple weeks. He's a really cool guy. He's super funny and but also very serious sometimes. We asked him to pray for an answer a while ago and he said he'd think about it and pray. After that he said he was really disturbed and couldn't sleep at night because of that question. "I thought Clements had one of those crystal balls over there that he was torturing me with." Hahaha, nah. He did get an answer though and now he says he feels a pull towards our chapel. He says when he goes to church at the Catholics he feels like God is saying "your work is done here" and that Jesus needs him on his side. He just wants to prepare a little bit before his baptism. I love this guy! I feel like he is going to be baptized soon and that he's going to be a great leader. So ya, that was my week. I'm gonna go fishing. Later
-Elder Clements