Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lemme just catch that shark and then we'll go fishing...

Above is the sentance a giant tahitian man named Andy threw at us before diving into a steel cage with a 10 foot lemon shark, wounding it with a harpoon and then wrestling it out of the cage so it didn't eat all his fish. Ya we went fishing this morning and it was SO hardcore!! After that, he went and shot about 7 more fish before taking us over to another area. There, he asked 'who wants to fish.' I took the line first. He put a small fish on a hook and threw a line the size of a bass guitar string in the ocean. 'watchout for sharks, they pull hard' oooook. The first few times the bait just fell to the bottom and got stuck on some rocks. The fourth time he put some new bait on and we threw it out further. I saw it sink a little and then a little tug saying somethings there. It didn't feel very big... I pulled the line and then yanked on it and at that moment I thought I'd gotten my line stuck on a passing underwater bullet-train! Very clearly a shark. I managed to somehow keep hold of the line (although I thought this thing was going to cut my fingers off!!) and slowly dragged a 30 pound, 5 foot shark into the boat. So that was my morning. Bucket list item accomplished. Caught a shark. 

     Our investigator Michel is really getting ready for baptism. He's got his own little system of doing things so he won't let us fix a date yet until he has 'told everybody that he's going with the Mormon's': He's already told all his friends, and I guess a lot of them have rejected him. This guy really is serious! He's so awesome! He has a lot of faith and determination. His friends are against him, even his member wife thinks he should stay catholic but he doesn't pay any attention. Its between him and God. I've already seen him change and I can't wait for the day where he is finally 100% ready. God is along side him showing him the way, I know it's true. 
     That's pretty much it folks, other than that I got sick from drinking tank water, don't do that, found some new investigators and taught them every day, played wish you were here at a wedding; etc.
-Elder Clements