Tuesday, April 19, 2016

te feruri nei au...

Parrot fish 
...Well today we tried to go fishing (us four white missionaries) but the little fish kept eating the crabs before it could get anywhere near the big fish. 

underwater paradise 

Yesterday was Sunday. Michel came to sacrament for the first time which was cool. OH YA! Michel read the Book of Mormon this week...like the whole book. I actually think he has a little left but he's at least to Mosiah and he started on Thursday! So quick. We'll see him tonight for family home evening. I think we need to re-commit him to baptism. 

     We had a movie night on Friday for all the investigators. We watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the restoration (translated correctly?). I was the one in charge of organizing it. I really had the help of God to do it though because a couple hours before, I found out that none of the stuff was where it was supose to be ( computer, projector, movie, etc.) and nobody would answer their phones so I just decided we'd go try and find these people. Right off the bat we found all of the people I needed to talk to strangely gathered together on the side of the road talking to each other. So I thanked God and very quickly and miraculously got everything rounded up for the movie night. Miracles are real. #real

     I got the package this week along with a kind package from the young women. It came by plane so it came pretty quick. The contacts are a whole new world! No more sweat dripping on my glasses and I can now see well with my sunglasses on! I was at Michel's house right after I opened the package and gave his boys the gummy bears to share. They were happy to say the least. They're pretty poor so they don't get stuff like that often. Nobody goes hungry here really because fish is so easy to catch and then there's coconuts but things like that are expensive and hard to come by. The young women's package was also very nice. Tons of candy and some cool ties! 
     So that's about it. Keep on keepin on. Love you all. goodnight.
-Elder Clements