Thursday, April 28, 2016

Status update: Brown skin and bleached hair, I eat fish and coconuts.

     Life on the island is still a lot like life on an island. We still pretty much stay busy with lessons or branch volleyball and other sports. Thank's for the update for the rain. We need it, our only water is collected rain water from our roof and it's pretty low.

We actually don't go fishing very often and eat fish only once in a while (raw or cooked). We are fed almost every day by the members who consider fish to be poor peoples food so almost everyone gives us chicken imported from tahiti with coke and icecream. Fish is SO much better and I try and tell everybody that we'd actually prefer that. My favorite food is the native stuff. Ipo (steamed flour and coconut milk), poisson cru(raw fish and vegetables in coconut milk and citreon), pape haari (coconut water), haavari (pigs liver and heart cooked in it's own blood, actually pretty good). Also everything is eated with rice.

 I saw a school of flying fish the other day! Or is that a flock? Whatever they are, they're real! It was so weird! Also I tried to catch a lethargic shark last night by hand, it was a little to deep for me to reach. 

    This week was a bit better for missionary work. I had the zone leaders breathing down my neck for the zone challenge of working more with members( seeing as how my district, the largest in the mission my missionaries (12), takes up half of the zone) but it worked pretty well. we got more lessons in with members and I motivated my district to do the same which is hard because I can't see them and I don't even have contact with one island. We have three investigators who are super ready for baptism. Kahaia still waits for an answer, Tera wants to be baptized but lives with her boyfriend and he won't marry her, and Michel is just days away from fixing  a date I think. 
     Michel actually had a big breakthrough this week. He decided to pray "our way" by himself to ask if the church was true. (I thought he'd already done that) and well unsurprisingly he really felt the holy ghost and says that his baptism is soon but didn't want to fix a date just yet. What's cool is that he also talked to his dad (on the island of Vairaatea) and his dad wasn't against him being Mormon. In fact we had just talked about temples with Michel and Michel told his dad about that. "pa, the Mormons have what they call a temple. we can save our ancestors inside." Evidently this old catholique deacon was extremely uh...étonné ( I forgot what this is in english, astonished maybe? he was both happy and surprised). There's no missionaries on his island though so I asked president what it takes to open an island like that. We'll see. We'll see him tonight for family home evening.
K er'body te apa nei au ia outou.  -Elder Clements
New sunglasses