Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thou shalt not steal...

     Another normal week with nothing big that happened. Lots of lessons, fasted, got robbed, etc. Ya, we got way robbed on Tuesday and yesterday! We came back for lunch and saw a bunch of bread crumbs on the ground and just thought it was our new rats. Came back later and couldn't find my sunglasses...and then my music player and speaker! That's when I knew we got robbed. He'd taken my little iPod, my speaker, my sunglasses, my flash drive and converter, my comp's Nikes, a bunch of food, and more than 17,000 francs!!!! ($170) I wasn't too happy 'bout that. We told a bunch of people and they all thought they knew who it was. Turns out the french police happened to be here randomly and they caught him and found my speaker and sunglasses but it took a questioning to get it back. I think the rest is gone though. It was a teenager known for stealing everybody's stuff who also just stole a bunch of stuff from the other elders yesterday. Good stuff. I guess we'll lock the door now. 

Proselyting in Polynesia  
     Other than that we had a good Sunday yesterday. Michel brought his ENTIRE family with him which was a pure and undeniable miracle. The testimonies were really awesome too. They were some really sincere testimonies that really brought the spirit.
     Well that's about all I can remember for now. 
-Elder Clements