Monday, November 28, 2016

18 Months


    I'm officially on the six month count down!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck happened?! That last six months felt like a week. The sisters that I started with are going home next week! I'm just gonna keep truckin for this last 6 and ramp up my efforts and faith even more than before.
     It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Everyday the mailbox is crammed full of letters and "go get your package cuz it's too big to fit in this box" slips. About 20 packages a day!!  This causes no problems getting the packages to the missionaries of Tahiti but for the elders in the marquises and the Australes, and the Tuamotus, the only way to get their load of packages to them is by boat. So ya we spent hours this week whipping our Hilux around the docks on Papeete throwing boxes of all shapes and sizes into various storage containers to be shipped off. Next week is transfers so It'll be even busier.

Cleanin' the truck

     Friday was good too. We did a split with the zone leaders just like bro. It was also black Friday which sadly has seeped into Tahiti this year. The split went well. I got super sick for about an hour which was excruciating but passed miraculously fast. It really was a miracle so that was cool. After that I was able to completely enjoy the split and get rid of the stress I'd had all week. Elder Paxman who I was with goes home next week! 
      Yesterday was our primary program and it was awesome! Everybody felt the spirit and we had tons of investigators at church. One comes every week now and is most likely getting baptized very soon but we STILL don't have a date.  I've gotta go now, we're going shopping in Papeete with E Paxman because he's going home next week. See y'all!!

-Elder Clements