Saturday, December 10, 2016

Busiest day ever!

So ya today was one of the busiest days I've ever had. Today is transfers and 9 missionaries are leaving and 12 are coming in.

At the airport...shipping and receiving ;) 

     I, Elder Clements, being born of goodly parents, woke up this morning and was mis-led enough to think I would have a P-day today. After cleaning the house and getting ready we set out for the mission office. Upon entering this establishment I found a scene not unlike that of the New York stock market!! All the missionaries that were leaving needed their things treated for sending back to america, about 20 other transferred missionaries and their baggage cluttered every room and hall, and we needed to get it all there before 11:00am My companion disappeared with Elder Boyd to go run a favor and so I was left to deal with this mess alone! By some miracle, I got every one to get their things all in one place, wrap it up and fill out their papers and get it all to the fumigation by 11:00am. Then we had about a million pieces of luggage to drop off at the boats, move some bikes around but we finally have a break. It'll recommence at 8:00pm tonight to take the returning missionaries to the airport with the assistants and president, and pick up the new missionaries from Provo. We should be back home by about 1:00 in the morning. Tomorrow will be the first time I sleep in, since a very long time ago. (approved by president, don't worry)
    OTHER THAN THAT, I had a pretty calm week. Yesterday we fixed 2 BAPTISMS!!! The first time in my mission I've fixed two baptisms in a day. One will be baptized the 17 December at 9:00 AM. This guy has really seen the hand of the Lord reach out to him this last couple months. He's had a great welcome from the members into the ward and really has felt the love of God through them and now really wants to get baptized. He doesn't understand everything but enough to get him started. SUPER pumped about that! He doesn't miss a Sunday or a church activity. The other one is getting baptized the 31 December. He still has to start coming to church before then but other than that, he's good. He stopped drinking coffee and he's getting married on Friday. 

     Well I don't know what else to say, my brain's pretty fried for today. And with that I make an end of my speaking, amen. 
-Elder Clements